Why Axe Bats? What makes them different from other bats!

Imagine you can play a baseball match without having any fear of injury.

Isn’t it amazing? It might seem inconvenient but axe bats have made this thought convenient.

Here we will talk about this bat and I hope you will get your all answers. I am pretty much sure that you will be very much impressed once you get to know about this bat.

So let’s move forward to our in-depth research.

What is axe bat?

If you don’t know about axe bat then what is the first thing that will come in your mind after seeing this name?

Maybe the word axe is going to catch attention!

You are wondering why axe? You will be amazed to know the idea of axe bats.

The idea was invented by Bruce Leinert. He thought of a bat which will hit the baseball like an axe hits the tree. So he made a sample and later with a little bit of development it became a product.

Why should you use Axe bats?

Why axe bats? What makes them different from other bats?

You must be thinking these things so we are here to discuss about axe bats so that you can decide that if you should use an axe bat or not.

The first thing about axe bat is that its handle is different from other bats which make it more usable. Normal bat handles are round but axe bat handle is angled and angled handles are much more comfortable.

As we mentioned before that the idea came up from an axe so you might have understood that it works like an axe. An axe bat hits the ball like a blade of axe hits on a tree.

A question can come in your mind that why this bat was designed? Because before axe bats were made people used to play baseball also.

So axe bats were mainly designed to give better grip. Swings of bats sometimes used to give hand injuries but the angled knob of axe bat reduces the chances of injuries.

The handle of this bat is asymmetrical so it doesn’t rotate in hand that’s why every time you hit a ball it will be hitting the ball by one side and this is called “One-sided” hitting.

Now you are wondering that if the knobs are so useful then the bat must be more useful.

Yes, there are more facts about axe bats which may amaze you.

Swings of these bats are much better than previously designed baseball bats. Previous bats were only able to spin in a circular motion. But axe bats are more advanced and different. It will give you stable grips and barrel control.

Axe bats have been designed using technology and by keeping ergonomics in mind. It ensures more control and bat speed.

Axe bats brought some these kinds of bats for youths like Axe bat Elite hybrid (-3) BBCor Bat, Axe bat Elite hybrid (-5) USABat, Axe bat element (-8) Bat etc.

You must be thinking why these bats are mentioned specifically or why are we talking about bats for youths?

Let’s know:

According to the new baseball bat, standard young players will use light weighted baseball bats which will give a wood-like performance but can’t be done with wooden bats.

So isn’t it another reason why you should use axe bats? It fulfills the basic standard for baseball bats.

Axe BBCor bats come with a premium alloy barrel and also have a bigger barrel. These bats are designed for faster swing and more control over a handle. BBCor axe bats are permitted to use in Intermediate division and junior league division.

Axe youth bats are very much light weighted. But they are durable, gives better speed, a faster swing, and good control. You can play little league, Pony, AABC with these youth bats.

Dr. Vijay Gupta, Who is a mechanical engineering professor did a study on axe bat and according to that study report if you use an axe bat instead of a traditional round knob bat it will give you more comfort to play, give more power and speed and will reduce the injury chances.

So after discussing axe bat if you sum up the reason for using axe bats are

1.  Axe bats are going to give you much comfort. 

2.  It will deliver your hand power to bat. 

3.  Axe bat is going to give you a Stable grip and better bat speed. 

4.  It is going to give you good bat control and reduce the pressure of palm and thumb. 

5.  And the most important benefit is there is less chance of hand injuries. 

Wrapping On Why Axe Bats

Now you know a lot about axe bats and even if you don’t know a lot at least you know why you should use an axe bat over a traditional bat.

You will be surprised to know that there had been controversies over axe bats rather than being so beneficial. The main concern was that as it hits from the same bat panel so how durable is that product? Will it break early?

But the manufacturer of these bats was determined and designed special hitting zone which can take hit after hit without getting broken.

Maybe you got all your answers in this article regarding axe bats so if you want to buy a baseball bat for your play times or training sessions you can go for axe bats without any doubt.

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