Swingrail Reviews : Baseball / Softball Swing Trainer

As you’ve landed on this page, it is very likely you are not making the swinging right and finding some effective training aids to overcome the struggle.

Right or wrong?

How frustrating it is if it takes so long to correct the swing flaws?

We bet you feel you’re banging your head against a wall.

But it is even more frustrating to use some training aids that don’t help you to achieve your goal as per your expectation.

Hold on to your hat because probably your disappointing time is going to over.

In this article of Swingrail baseball training aid review, we are going to get yourself introduced with an easy to use yet effective training aid.

Don’t you want to master hitting inside the ball?

If so, keep reading.

What is Swingrail baseball training aid and how does it work?

As the name suggests, this is a baseball training aid . Of course, a self-learning kit for you.

You must be wondering what are the components that come with this training aid.

It comes with

  • A rail that fits any bat size or model.
  • A padded non-slip adjustable armband.

Now let us explain how does this kit work or the working mechanism of this wonderful kit.

Step 1:

First, fasten the armband tightly around your arm above bicep and directly under the armpit. Of course, of the hand, you will be holding the bat.

The velcro should be centered on your bicep.

You can always adjust the armband as it is an adjustable band.

Make sure the tab is facing towards your body. Otherwise, turn the band over to make the tab directed towards your body.

Step 2:

Fit the rail (the plastic piece) with the bat (above the top hand of the bat). Keep in mind, the rail should be facing towards your body.

Step 3:

Hold the bat and bring it to the armband as close as possible. Stretch the green loop (the velcro part) into the rail.

Step 4:

Swing the bat.

Step 5:

If you are doing it wrong the velcro of the armband will be detached making a crispy sound.

But if you doing it right the velcro won’t be detached, it will just slide out of the rail normally.

You should start with dry swing and gradually increase your swing speed.

This is how exactly this training kit will let you know if you have any swing flaw or you are doing it all good.

Isn’t that easy and instant feedback from Swingrail?

Recommended Swing Drills to Get Started or swingrail instructions

Let me suggest some of the swing drills that you may follow to start with this training aid.

3 swing drill – attach the swingrail for the first two swings, and don’t attach the swingrail for the 3rd swing.

The top hand drill.

The chair drill.

Weight drill.

Cross leg drill.

So by now, you know what this aid is and how does it work. Now, let us point out some of its upsides and downsides.

 Things We Liked 

  • This is a self-learning training aid for every age level.
  • The quality of the materials is good.
  • Real handy training aid to overcome casting.
  • Gives immediate feedback if you are not doing it right (the velcro tears apart).
  • Easy to use but highly effective.
  • You will notice the improvement in swinging in a fairly short time.
  • Eventually, you will be able to hit the ball harder than before with perfect swing and bat speed after using this training aid.
  • Helps you master hitting inside the ball.
  • It helps you to get better launching position and create an efficient swing path.
  • Helps to build muscle memory.
  • Appropriate for both baseball and softball batters.
  • Reasonably priced.

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • A more clear instruction manual was required. Particularly the young players struggle to understand the mechanism initially. But We believe, my guide will solve the puzzle for you.
  • Younger than 10 years may need assistance to get started.
  • Players aging 8 years or less may find the armband not fitting initially. But as the belt is velcro, you always have the option to double loop the band. That will help to fit the band for players aging 8 years or less.

Who should buy Swingrail training aid?

You should buy Swingrail if-

  • You are struggling with your batting and want to get back on track.
  • Casting and long swinging is your problem.
  • You want to build muscle memory.
  • Mastering hitting inside the ball is something you want to achieve.
  • You want to improve the upper body mechanics to the shortest path to the ball.
  • You want to correct dropping of the hands.
  • One of your main concerns is to develop the launching position and swing path.

Have you got any of these shortcomings?

We bet you need to use this training kit for the improvement.

As we said earlier, one of the most convincing parts of swingrail is it helps to you achieve all these in relatively less time.

You may have to practice just for a few days or a week and you will start seeing a noticeable improvement in your batting.

Wrapping on our Swingrail Reviews

In a nutshell, this is a super handy kit for practicing and correcting different flaws related to batting, particularly swinging.

In this Swingrail baseball training aid review, we tried to provide you an in-depth idea on this training kit. Some of its good and bad sides, how does it work, who should use it for practice and how it’s going to improve your performance in almost no time.

However, don’t consider this as a magic wand, and the only solution to improve your batting.

You got to do several drills to improve overall batting. But this training kit will correct you, make your life easy during the drills, and help you achieve the skills smoothly.

Patience is something you got to have for baseball. You may have to show some patience initially while starting practicing with this aid as well.

Overall, we must say, if you are a coach or a player you must try this for someone who is struggling in different ways regarding swinging the bat.

We’ll stop now before we start sounding tedious.

It’s all in your pitch now. Please comment below if you’ve anything for asking.

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