How to Choose Axe Bats – What you need to know!

Maybe you are going to buy a new axe baseball bat for the new season? But confused on how to choose the right one?

Then we are here to clear all your confusion and guide you that how to choose axe bats. If you know a little bit about axe bats, you may know why this is best and if you don’t know about axe bats then don’t worry we are going to let you know about it in shortly.

Mainly axe bats are designed like an axe. It is going to give you more control, Bat speed, the good grip also it is designed in such a way that there are fewer chances of injuries while using this bat.

Now let’s move forward to know how to choose Axe bats

How to Choose Axe Bats

Peter Tork, who is an American Musician said that

Hitting a baseball well is a very rare skill. One of the most difficult things to do in the world, hitting a ball coming to you at ninety miles an hour with a round bat. Wonderful to watch!

Yes, he is right. It is very much wonderful to watch but when you are going to play it is not going to be that wonderful. You may find this horrible if you don’t have the right baseball bat.

For choosing right bats first of all you have to know the bat category for your age. Also you need to know about different bats, pros and cons, Baseball bat standards and moreover you have to be careful about your comfort and safe play.

Here are two main categories of axe bats which are BBCor Bat and youth bat. They are specified for different leagues and different age categories.

Let’s get some tips for choosing the right bat

Tips for choosing Axe youth bats

By the name youth, you might have understood that for which age limit these bats are made? Axe youth bats are for players of the 7-13 year.
Before buying youth bats you must know about the new baseball bat standard. From 1 January 2018 USABat made a new rule for maintaining the youth baseball bat standards. They created a wood-like performance in youth bats and allowed them to use a light weighted bat.

If you are looking for perfect Axe youth bat then you should know that like Axe BBCor bats your height and weight matter a lot. Length should not be more than 32 inches and the weight drop of this bat is something between -10 to -13 so you can assume that they are very light weighted.

Before buying a bat be very sure that it will be easy for you to control. For young players the lighter the bat is the more speed they will get.
Barrel size is very much important for players under the age of 13. So be sure that the Axe youth bat you are buying doesn’t have a barrel more than 2 ¼’ size. Actually, it also can differ from player to player.

As we mentioned before that USABat creates a wood-like performance but won’t recommend wood bats for young players so you can choose Alloy, Aluminum or Composite material for your axe youth bat. There is also hybrid material which has mixed components.

We are guiding you about Axe youth bats so the best material for younger players we can suggest is aluminum bats. Though aluminum bats are cheaper than composite bat it is best for youths.

Tips for choosing Axe BBCor Bats

Axe BBCor bats are for players from 13-18 ages. They are used for high school or college leagues.

There are some factors which you need to keep in mind for choosing Axe BBCor bat. Length, weight, and material are the main fact for choosing right axe BBCor bat.

Mostly BBCor bats are 31-34 inch. You may find some smaller bats which are 26-30 inch but you need to find them patiently. You need to be very careful while choosing perfect length bat according to your height and weight. If you choose the wrong length then you may not get a perfect swing or good balance.

Maybe you know or don’t know that in baseball it is not about bat’s weight but it is about weight drop. As this article is for guiding beginners then we are assuming that you don’t know about weight drop.

The difference between the length and weight of a bat is weight drop. BBCor bats need to have -3 weight drop. And when you buy the perfect length bat you will get perfect weight drop and again you need to remember that you have to choose your bat according to your height and weight.
Last but not the least we are going to discuss bat material. Axe BBCor bats are available in different kind of materials. They mainly manufacture bats from aluminum or composite material but they also have wooden bats.

Composite material bats have much good trampoline effect rather than aluminum bats. If you are a beginner player then I would suggest you go for composite axe BBCor bats but if you have confidence about your hitting speed and personal power then go for aluminum bats.

Final Verdict

The baseball bat is the most important equipment for players so it is very important to choose your bat carefully. You are going to hit the ball with your bat and it will be hit after hit so the durability of a bat is also important because you are not going to buy a bat every single day.

In this article, we have shared some pro tips with you to choose the right axe bat. And if we talk about the price of axe bats then it will be satisfactory for you to know that you shouldn’t bother about the price. They are at a very reasonable price.

With all those discussions now you know that what kind of requirements you need to look for your perfect bat.

We have already mentioned that Axe bats are safe rather than traditional bats. So if you can buy the perfect bat considering your age, height, weight, and comfort than maybe your upcoming season can be one of your best playing seasons.

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