USA Baseball Bat Standard 2018

Baseball kept America and Americans fascinated for more than a century now. Although the rules and regulations of the game have been fixed and changed a lot, the game been as widely popular as before. A baseball bat is either made up of sleek wooden or metal material. Bats are extremely lightweight so that the young players can play easily. History of baseball bats are interesting as well with a lot of twists.

Be it a junior player or professional; the need player needs to choose the right bat according to their body structure, strength and playing style. However, there is a specific set of rules known as USA baseball bat standard has to be followed when choosing a baseball bat. Although in new regulations in 2018 are being implemented, let’s understand how a baseball bat constructed and what are general rules before diving in the change.

Baseball bat construction and general rules:

Baseball bats are made usually made in the machine, with different types of materials are used. The most common wood used in the wooden baseball bats are maple, ash birch, and recently bamboo is also including in this category. However recently people are manufacturing bats made up of metals like aluminum, or composite of different known metals, as wooden bats are more on the heavier side.

  • The baseball bat should not be more than 2.75inches in diameter and 42inches in length. In recent sports bats weighing 33-36ounces are used in the game most commonly. The form of the bat is getting a more refined day by day; earlier the bats were a lot heavier compared to the recent bats. And in the past the bats were made by hand by each player, so they used to give different shapes and design, that’s most suitable for them to play with.
  • Metals bats can be made of one piece metal or even have joints, in which the barrels are fixed to the separate handles.
  • Baseball bats are made from one piece of wood. Each type of wood has its significance in the game; lightweight bats can be swing easily whereas heavier bats made from maple hits the ball strongly when the ball hits the bat.

Selecting a bat entirely depends on the player, to get the best result the players must choose a bat that they are most comfortable to play with. The bat always need to be long enough, and the more light the bat, the better it is for the player to handle, so choosing a lightweight bat is preferable for the players.

New 2018 USA baseball bat standard:

Most of the influential baseball organizations like the “Little league baseball”, American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABG), Amateur Athletic Union(AAU), PONY baseball and many other, with the help of the national governing body for sports have introduced a new standard for the baseball bats. It has come in effect from 1st January 2018. This new 2018 USA baseball standard was introduced by the USA baseball Committee of scientific experts.

New regulations:

The change of rule is mainly applicable to the little league, therefore this rule must be followed by all the player under 14years old who is playing officially in any of the organizations like little league, PONY baseball, Dixie youth baseball, Babe Ruth/ Cal Ripken baseball, or the American Amateur Baseball Congress(AABC). They all have to follow all the rules and regulations implemented by the USA national governing body of sports.

The statements published by the Little League are as follows:

 The bat must be a baseball bat which meets the USA Baseball Bat Standard (USABat) as adopted by Little Leauge. It shall be a smooth, rounded stick, and made of wood or material and color tested and proved acceptable to the USA Baseball Bat Standard (USABat). 

But the United State Specialty Sports Association have not agreed to this terms and condition, so the children those play under USSSA will not have to follow the New 2018 Baseball standard rules. This rule is not also applicable to the Tee Ball and Softball. Only the children playing Baseball have to follow the rules. These bats that meet the USA Baseball Bat Standard can also be used for intermediate and Junior League Division. You can find detailed information about this rule Click Here.

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Why the USA baseball standard 2018 is important

The most common question arises from the parents of the little players is, if these new rules are even that much important. The answer is yes; these rules are essential for the players playing under most of the organizations.

These rules are introduced to have a fair play in the playing field. Bats made up of, or other metal materials are different from the wooden bats. Also, the performance of bats depends on the length, weight, diameter of the bats, that’s why this new rule is essential for a fair play. The ball that hits the bat depends on the energy of individual player. Balls hit by metal bats go faster than wooden bats. It is why the baseball authority has decided to go for wood like standards for the long-term development of the game and the players.

This change also has some safety issue as well. It’s quite important in sports as it involves children under 14 years. If the bats are designed to increase the speed of the bat, the ball will hit the bat and bounce at a higher speed which might be difficult for the young players to handle the result can be dangerous, it might hit other children in the ground. There is a risk connected with In all types of sports but New 2018 Baseball Bat Standard is conceived for minimization for youth players.

Final Thoughts

Most of the pro right baseball players believe that baseball must be played with a wooden bat and they are a big advocate of these new regulations. Also, the parents of the young player must encourage their children to follow this new baseball bat standard rules 2018. It is quite necessary for both the better future of the game and our children as well.

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