Best Youth Baseball Bats 2024 Comparison

If your kids will be playing baseball at a young age, it’s crucial that you start of right by choosing among the best youth baseball bats for them to use. The challenge is to identify which ones best suit your kid, and that’s a problem because there are just so many options to choose from. To help out, we’ve made our own youth baseball bats reviews. So that you can narrow down your choices.

It’s crucial that you realize right off how important it is to get the right bat, so that you’re not tempted to pick one simply. It’s not just that the wrong bat can result in subpar performance that can hurt the standings of your kid’s team.

The wrong bat can also change how your kid swings the bat, and that can mess up their mechanics. They may end up forming and batting habits that can be very difficult to break later on.

That’s why you need to pay attention to proper lengths and weights for the bat. The best baseball bats for youth have to be the right size and weight so that they can be wielded for the best results, and swings can be both smooth and powerful.

You also need to pay attention to the league rules regarding what kind of materials, lengths, and weights are allowed for bats. Proper sportsmanship starts with adherence to the rules, and you need to make sure that the bat you’re going to buy for your kid is actually allowed by the league they’re playing in.

Best Youth Baseball Bats 2024 Comparison Table

Rawlings Raptor USA Youth-8
Rawlings 5150 USA Youth-10
Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 (-10) USA 2 5/8-10
EASTON Typhoon -12 (2 1/4") USA Youth-12
EASTON Speed -10 (2 5/8") USA Youth-10
DeMarini Voodoo -10 (2 5/8") Balanced USA-10

How We Reviewed These Youth Baseball Bats

In America, baseball is pretty much considered the nation’s sports. Hence, each year when it’s time for a fresh season, new models of baseball bats are seen to flock the shops.

Naturally, with this comes the choice dilemma. But worry not anymore!

To help you with this cause, we have reached out to numerous people (both professionals and normal) who have worked with the baseball bats personally.

Based on their practical experience, knowledge, exercise, and constructive analysis combined with our understanding of the critical feature requirements, we have come to the conclusion that the following six are indeed the top of their field!

Rated 6 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2024 on the Market

Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat

Established in the year 1887, Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. is renowned for manufacturing competitive sports merchandise for players across the globe with special concentration on the USA sports market.

In this aspect, the company not only produces technologically progressive baseball bats, but also outshines in manufacturing sports apparel, helmets, and gloves.

Which is why the first product that I am going to review in this article is the Rawlings 2019 Raptor USA Youth baseball bat.

Approved to be used in sporting clubs such as the AABC (5-14), Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, BPA Youth, Little League (5-15), & PONY leagues, the Raptor features a high strength aerospace-grade quality alloy body. This means that using one of these bats; you will be able to reduce the “trampoline effect” that makes it more in line with the Bbcor standards.

The single piece alloy body along with the 2-1/4 inch or 2-5/8-inch barrel diameter ensures smooth, powerful deliverance with each swing of the bat. Furthermore, the device is designed with a “perimeter-weighted” end cap.

This in effect helps you to swing at a faster speed by transferring the energy along the bat instead of concentrating it at a single point which previously used to slow down the swing speed due to the superfluous heft.

Ultra lightweight in design, the Raptor USA Youth is an easy to control powerfully built device that can be accelerated to full capacity by any player to hit the ball with precision force on the plate each time.

 Things We Liked 

  • Aerospace-grade alloy body ensures high performance and durability
  • Ultra-light drop weight (available in -8, -10) spells increased swing speed
  • Smooth swing performance due to the barrel diameter (available 2-1/4 and 2-5/8)
  • Affordable price

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Suitable to be used in middle/high school leagues only

Rawlings 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

The next baseball bat that I am going to discuss is again from the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc.

Being one of the most trusted and major retail supplier of good quality sports gears for school and collegiate level baseball leagues, it should come as no surprise that two of their baseball bats made their way into this list.

So, to begin with, the Rawlings 5150 Alloy Bat is once again created with aerospace-grade quality alloy. But what makes it different from the one we discussed afore is the feature that this single piece alloy body is the company’s best radically responsive design yet to date, thereby making it the most durable model with an optimized precision performance guarantee.

The one-piece alloy body along with providing reduced “trampoline effect” also improves the “stiffness” aspect of the bat’s attribute thus ensuring power deliverance at each contact with the ball.

The device also comes with a hyper lite speed end cap. This in effect makes it an ideal choice if you are in search of a superior quality Bbcor bat with faster swing speed. 2019 USA baseball standards approved, it comes with three different drop weight selections ranging from -11, -10, -5 once again raising the speed ratio of the bat per swing.

Not to forget, engineered with the innovative pop 2.0 technology, the Rawlings 2019 5150 USA baseball youth bat allows more power deliverance in each strike and has a larger sweet spot compared to other baseball bats within the same pricing range.

 Things We Liked 

  • Suitable for all types of hitters under and up to age 14
  • Higher sweet spot ensures impact powerful swings
  • Radically responsive alloy body with enhanced durability
  • Budget-friendly

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Due to the age, 14 group suitability can only be used in middle school baseball leagues.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Baseball Bat

If you are an avid baseball fan, then you have probably heard about the Louisville Slugger brand. Manufacturing sporting goods for more than 120 years, the corporation is still seen to dominate the sporting merchandise industry and especially excels at creating high-quality baseball products.

Which is why my third review is for the new Louisville Slugger Omaha 518(-10) Baseball Bat. Featuring a drop 10 weight to length ratio, this is a classic baseball bat that can greatly contribute to improving your overall batting capabilities.

Constructed in a single piece design with 7-series alloy, the device provides a larger sweet spot. An increased sweet spot arena means you get to hit the ball just right thereby swelling your chance to score more home runs per match.

With a 2-5/8-inch barrel diameter and a 31 inch/21 oz weight, this particular baseball bat is USA Baseball (USABat) Certified. This in effect means this model is approved to be used in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, and Pony baseball leagues.

The Omaha 518 has a durable end cap design with a fade grip handle made of synthetic leather. These two features together allow you to get a superior control over the bat that results in producing finer swings.

Its grip handle also acts a great shock absorber. This means when encountering a strong pitched ball, the grip handle has the capability to reduce the sting vibrations along the bat’s length. This, in turn, helps the hitter to get better control over the bat’s swing motion thereby improving performance.

 Things We Liked 

  • Fulfills new USA Baseball Youth standard
  • Alloy construction provides a larger sweet spot
  • Grip handle increases performance skills
  • Long lasting

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The player below nine years of age may find the weight a bit difficult to manage

EASTON Typhoon USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton sports can be basically considered an intimidating enterprise when it comes to manufacturing high-quality baseball bats that pass the Bbcor and USA Baseball standard certifications with flying colors.

Which is why next in this list of reviews, I bring forth to your attention the Easton Typhoon -12 baseball bats.

The 2018-19 model is constructed with a single piece design made of ALX100 Military Grade Alloy. This makes it a great companion for players who maintain a balanced technique in the plate.

Military grade alloy also means least “trampoline effect” which makes it easier to satisfy the Bbcor standards. Also, alloy composed baseball bats are more resistant to adverse temperature influences thereby making them durable and quantifiably long lasting when compared to bats made of other elements.

Featuring the -12 weight drop, the device further adds only a lighter weight when swinging thereby promising to enhance the swing speed which ultimately results in a powerful delivery impact when contacted by the ball. Hence striking frequent home runs with this baseball bat will not be a difficult feat!

What more! The Easton Typhoon has a concave end cap that once again helps to reduce the trampoline effect and balances the overall weight and impact performance of the bat. Keeping the comfort of the user in mind, this particular model is armed with a cushioned flex grip handle.

This again makes it a great shock absorber that helps to reduce sting vibration along the bat’s length when contacted with a powerfully pitched ball.

 Things We Liked 

  • Very lightweight
  • Improved overall performance
  • -12 drop weight
  • 2.2mm Flex grip handle
  • Made with ALX100 Military Grade Alloy

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Has a smaller hitting area (2-1/4”) when compared to other bats (2-5/8”)

EASTON Speed USA Youth Baseball Bat

The fifth bat in this assessment is again from Easton Sports. I will spare you the details of the company’s excellence when it comes to manufacturing baseball bats and dive straight into describing the dynamics of the tool itself.

Composed into a single piece design, the bat is made up of the latest ALX50 Aircraft Grade Alloy. The usage of this type of aluminum alloy results in the bat to become extra strong without increasing the overall weight of the device.

Consequently, this makes it lightweight and yet strong enough to strike power-paced swings when in contact with the ball repeatedly.

Like the previous Easton model described, this model also features a concave end cap and cushioned grip handle.

Concave end cap increases the overall stiffness of the bat thereby making it suitable for powerful hits along with an additional swing balance. Whereas flex grip handles along with providing comfort also ensures better operational control and improved swing movement freedom.

Having a -10-drop weight with a 2-5/8-inch barrel diameter, the Easton Speed compared to the Typhoon has a larger hitting area. This in effect can help to determine the sweet spot by users at convenience.

It is also approved to be used in all the chief associations and leagues that follow the USA Baseball standard protocols.

 Things We Liked 

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Made of ALX50 Aircraft Grade Alloy
  • Concave end cap with 2.2 mm flex grip handle
  • 2-5/8-inch barrel diameter

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The Easton Speed has a -10-drop weight which is a bit heavy

DeMarini Voodoo Balanced USA Baseball Bat

When compared to the manufacturing giants mentioned in this list, the De Marini Company looks like a newbie. That’s because they have been in this industry for only 3 decades. Yet interestingly enough, it was also the Demarini company that first produced the world’s first “multi-wall bat: a.k.a the Demarini Double Bat.”

From then onward, there was no turning back for the enterprise. Hence, I selected the DeMarini Voodoo (-10) Balanced USA baseball bat to conclude this top list of six.

With a -10 weight drop and a 2-5/8-inch barrel diameter, this particular model is specially made for players belonging to the junior high school as a group. At this age, users are expected to be more physically advanced and therefore better at controlling the device both swing and weight wise.

Endorsing the maximum end loaded swing weight found in the Demarini Voodoo series, this specific model is constructed of X14 Alloy with a single piece design.

This results in the bat to become extremely strong without incurring any additional weight making it an excellent power-driven force that ensures the highest performance with each swing of the bat.

It also comes with a 3 fusion handle and end cap that together join forces to improve the overall weight control by distributing it evenly from top to bottom. This in effect allows the user to have superior operational control over the bat thereby considerably increasing the overall performance of the player.

 Things We Liked 

  • One-Piece design made of X14 Alloy
  • Precise weight distribution facilitates user control
  • 2-5/8-inch barrel with -10 drop weight ensures balanced Swing Weight
  • 3 fusion handle and end cap
  • Legal to play in Pony, Babe Ruth, Little League, AABC, Cal Ripken, & Dixie Youth

 Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Expensive compared to other bats mentioned
  • May not be suitable for players below 9 years of age

How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bats

So how exactly do you pick the right bat? Some people read the youth bat reviews written by buyers to get a more accurate assessment, but then sometimes these reviews aren’t all that comprehensive. To help you identify the best youth bats your kids can use, you have to take the following factors into account:

Stamp or certification

Often, this is the easiest way to know for sure if a particular bat is legal to use for your child’s baseball league. You first need to check the league requirements for what kind of certification is needed. Often this info is online. From 1st January 2018 USA Baseball Bat Standard rules, In USA must be meets “Approved for USAbat” for Baseball Bat and “Approved for Play in Dixie Youth Baseball” and “BPF 1.15”. The USSSA requires the permanent USSSA “thumbprint” stamp. Other leagues require that the bat features the BBCOR certification.

Often the league also has a licensed bat list which you can check online. This is the surest way to know for sure. You just have to make sure that you check the brand, model, and year.

Barrel diameter.

Again, there are rules in place regarding approved barrel diameters. There are often 3 options here: the youth barrel (2¼” barrel) and the 2 Youth Big Barrel diameters (2⅝” and 2¾” barrels). Different leagues have different rules regarding which ones are allowed.

If they’re all allowed, then your kid will have to find the diameter they can use. Of course, a bigger barrel can lead to greater chances of contact. But then often there’s a heavier weight to wield, which can affect their bat speed and control.

Length. Long or short?

Leagues tend to have their own rules again for length, and usually, the younger kids divisions have shorter maximum length allowances. For example, in T-ball to Major division, the maximum length is 33 inches, and it goes to 34 inches for the Intermediate division. Senior leagues and above allow for bats up to 36 inches.

You can go online to find the ideal bat length suited for your kid’s height and weight. Usually, shorter and lighter kids need shorter bats for hitting.


The weight of the bat often has to match the kind of hitter your kid really is. If they’re a power hitter with greater strength, then a heavier bat can work more effectively in putting more force on the ball. That increases the chances of a home run. On the other hand, a lighter bat is easier to control especially for smaller kids.

The weight distribution must also be considered. Some bats are balanced, which means the weight is distributed evenly along the length of the bat. This makes it easier for the batter to control the bat, and this is more suitable for those who hit for singles. Other bats have more weight at the end of the bat, which suits power hitters.


The drop refers to the ratio between the length and the weight of the bat. To be more precise, it’s the length of the bat in inches minus the weight of the bat in ounces. So if you have a bat that’s 30 inches long and weighs 20 ounces, its drop is -10. Most of the time, the drop for youth bats is within -10 to -13 though you should again check the league rules for allowed drops.


Often this is a choice between alloy and composite. Very rarely do players use wood bats in real games, as their performance doesn’t really compare very well to metal bats. On the other hand, wood does tend to expose any bad batting habits, and they’re often used for practice. Some young players even use wood bats when they plan on making it to the Major League.

So it’s mostly a choice between aluminum and composite. Aluminum bats can be used right away, and they’re often more durable. They’re also less expensive in general. Composite bats, on the other hand, offer bigger sweet spots and they tend to reduce the level of vibrations that can sting the hands. They’re often more expensive, even though they require a break-in period.

In some cases, you may want to consider a hybrid bat, usually with an aluminum barrel for out-of-the-wrapper use and a composite handle for minimal vibration.

A Number of pieces.

Some are 1-piece bats, while others are in 2 or more pieces fused together. Having more pieces lets the manufacturer control the weight distribution better, and generally, you have more flex and features to minimize vibration. With 1-piece bats, you tend to have a stiffer bat with better balance.


Some players (or parents) tend to patronize certain brands. This may be due to the history or origin of the brand, or perhaps it’s because a favorite player endorses a brand. Some brands are also known to offer special features that make them unique or superior than other brands.


We’re all realists here, and we need to fit the bat into the family budget. Often it’s not quite practical to splurge on a bat when the child will quickly outgrows a bat anyway. You can’t even be sure that they’ll maintain their interest in baseball. On the other hand, more expensive top rated youth baseball bats do last longer and offer better performance, and they can keep players from getting their hands stung by vibrations upon contact.

By considering all these factors, you can end up with a bat that’s legal, easy to use, and easy on the budget too.

The Anatomy of a Baseball Bat

Whenever you read baseball bat advertisements and reviews, you may read about some detail regarding a particular part of the bat. Here’s a quick guide about bat anatomy, so you have a better idea of what these features mean:


This at the bottom part of the bat, and it keeps the bat from flying off your hands when you take a swing. Usually, the knob is flared, which means it gradually tapers from the base of the knob to the thinnest part of the bat handle. Metal bats can also have a standard knob, which means that you have a straight transition from the knob to the thinnest part of the handle. You may have a bell knob, and this refers to the bell shape of the knob that expands the knob diameter so it can act as a counterweight. If you’re recovering from some hamate bone injury, you should use a cone knob which tapers even more gradually to the handle.

Grip (handle)

Actually, these terms aren’t exactly interchangeable. The handle is the part of the bat that you hold when you’re ready to take a swing. This can range from thin to thick. Thin handles put the bat’s weight more on the barrel and offer more flex, which make it better for power hitters, but this can makes the handle easier to break. A medium barrel can provide more durability, though it doesn’t have the flex of thinner handles. If durability is your main focus, you’ll need a thick handle.

The grip, on the other hand, is the surface of the handle that makes contact with your hands. Often it can be covered by tape or pine tar for wood bats, though some metal bats have special sticky grips that can really give you a secure hold on the handle.


The taper refers to the part of the bat that gradually leads from the handle to the barrel. It’s usually the part where the grip or the pine tar ends. In composite bats, this is where the separate bat parts are fused.


This is the part of the bat that makes contact with the baseball. Smaller barrels are easier to control for smaller kids, while the bigger barrel occupies more space in the strike zone and it’s best for bigger power hitters. You need to check the diameter of the barrel so you can confirm that it meets the rules laid by your league.


This is at the top end of the bat, and most people overlook its importance. The design of the end cap tends to influence the flex of the barrel as well as the bat sound. It also factors in on the swing weight of the bat, since a lighter end cap makes it easier to take a swing.

Types of Best Youth Baseball Bats

You can buy a specific type of youth baseball bat based on the materials used for the bat. Each one has their own sets of pros and cons:

Alloy or Aluminum bats

Different models tend to have different blends, with their own formula of additional elements added to the aluminum. Parents consider these the best bats for youth baseball since they’re almost always much more affordable, yet they’re very durable. Players can also use them right away, as they don’t require a break-in period. They wear down by denting and not by cracking so even after a long time of use you can still wield it for practice.

Composite bats

Usually, these things are made of carbon fiber, and they’re generally much more expensive than aluminum bats. This may surprise some people, since it’s not as durable as aluminum and they can crack like wood bats. They can offer a greater trampoline effect, but you can get this only after you break the bats in first.

Yet quite a few models justify their higher price due to the performance, which many people make them the best bats for youth. The increased trampoline effect can really make the baseball pop upon contact. In general, these bats are also much lighter with a higher drop so, they’re easier to swing. They also tend to have a larger barrel, so kids have a larger chance of making contact with the ball. These bats can also come in 2 pieces that can help keep the vibrations from hitting the hands.

Hybrid or “Half and Half” bats

If you’re torn between the advantages of both aluminum and composite bats, you may want to try getting the best of both worlds with the hybrid. This usually means you have an alloy barrel, yet the handle is made of composite material. However, some models feature different types of hybrids, such as putting in a composite end cap or a composite shell on an alloy barrel.

With this, you get the durability and the out-of-the-box performance of the aluminum barrel, while the composite material and the connection between the 2 pieces keep the vibrations to a minimum. Usually, the use of the aluminum barrel also keeps the price lower than that of the composite. However, it is still more expensive than a standard aluminum bat. Still, a lot of hybrid bats are listed among the best rated youth baseball bats.


Many don’t really like wood bats for youth baseball. They’re heavy, and so they’re more difficult to swing. The sweet spot is smaller, which means that there’s a much larger chance of getting the hands stung with a mishit. In fact, players have to hit on the face grain, or else the player doesn’t get the optimal performance. The bat may even break otherwise.

The wood bat performance also depends greatly on the type of wood used. Ash is strong pound for pound, the bat speed is quick, and it offers a more forgiving flex. Maple is more durable than ash, but it’s also heavier. Some like bamboo because of the tensile strength that’s stronger than steel, the lighter swing weight, and the increased durability that’s often backed by a warranty.

Then there’s even composite wood, which may merge composite material with wood elements. These are very durable, and they tend to ease players into using unfamiliar wood bats. Because of their durability, they’re often seen in batting cages.

Some players and coaches still have wood bats. Often they’re used for practice because using them exposes many bad hitting habits. Sometimes players just want to use wood like their baseball heroes do, or they may even have dreams of getting into the Major Leagues themselves. Besides, they’re generally cheap.

Types Of Baseball Bat Brands


This brand was founded by the legendary Ray DeMarini. He produced Ray DeMarini’s Reflex Hitting System, which became the best selling ESPN instructional video of all time. He then left his cushy ESPN job to make softball bats in a barn with just $10,000 in seed money. His legacy in softball bat production is unmatched, as the brand produced numerous “firsts”: multi-wall bats, performance bats for larger players, high performance bats for youths, and even virtually indestructible bats. Of course, such innovations translated very well into baseball bats.


It was considered an upstart in the industry when it first came out in 1969, but it soon established a trailblazing reputation for innovation resulting in the best youth baseball bats. The experts at Easton showcased the true capabilities of aluminum bats, introduced titanium and scandium bats, and also popularized the use of aerospace-grade materials. Easton stands as one of the most popular brands of baseball bats today, and youth baseball bats reviews keep rolling in about how kids love how it feels to wield these bats.


Founded by an LSU athletic training director in 2002, this bat in recent years has become the #1 bat in the Major Leagues. About a third of all players use Marucci bats. Part of the reason for its quick ascension in the industry is that it uses famous players not just as promoters but as actual advisors and owners. When you have famous names like Ortiz, Utley, McCutchen, Bautista, and Pujols giving insight into how bats should be designed, it’s not surprising that you end up with superior end results.

Louisville Slugger

It’s quite safe to say that it’s the most popular and most recognized baseball brand in the world. It helps that it has a 132-year history of making terrific bats for baseball, and it’s not a surprise that the brand is virtually synonymous with the game of baseball itself. When you’re the brand that legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Ty Cobbs used, no other brand can match your legendary status.


The Combat brand is famous for its innovative approach to composite bat manufacturing. Over the years, some of its models have become true classics, as the advanced features remain viable and effective for years.

So, What Are The Best Youth Baseball Bats?

All of these bats offer their own sets of advantages. Since the “best bats” really depend on how you or your kids feel about holding and hitting with the bat, there’s no definitive answer to which one’s the best for your kid.

In addition, all these rules and recommendations will change by 2018. New rules will be in place, and at the same time, we may have new bat models that may offer new fantastic features.

Of course, even with this list, it can be difficult to pick which one to try out first. So here are 2 recommendations:

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 – Great for Younger Players

Now if your kid is a bit older or stronger, and they’re interested enough to justify spending more on a bat, this Omaha 518 is fantastic. It incorporates all the terrific high tech features that make the Omaha 518 a legend. It has the advanced aluminum material, highly effective connection technology, and the vaunted Synthetic leather fade skin grip.

This performs superbly, and kids even love how it feels in their hands. While you may spend more for this, the performance your kids get justifies every cent you spend. Besides, it’s very durable so you shouldn’t expect it to break mid-season.

DeMarini Voodoo Balanced USA Baseball Bat – For Smaller Kids and Bigger Hits

If you’re reading this buying guide, you’re more likely to be new to buying baseball bats, and your kids are younger and smaller. This means that you need to take their low strength into account, and the -10 drop of the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced does that. The precise weight offers a lot of control, and it can make them feel more confident when hitting.

It’s pretty expensive. With the alloy bat, this is very durable as well. The composite handle protects your kids’ hands, so they don’t have to worry too much about mishits.

So pick the Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 if your kid is new to playing baseball, and then upgrade to the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced once they’re older and fully invested in the game. Your kids will be the final judge, but these 2 best youth baseball bats are solid starting points!

Additional Tips

There isn’t really any true magic guide to picking the right youth baseball bat or determining the best youth baseball bats ever. There may be lots of tips and guides around, but the true test is the hitting during play test. How does it feel? Does it give you good hits? Does your hitting improve? That’s how you really know that the bat is for you.

So if you’re a parent, you have to realize that buying any bat for your kid is always a gamble.

Top Rated Best Youth Baseball bats 2017, 2016, 2015 Reviews

Easton YB17MK11 Mako Beast – The Latest Upgrades in 2017

Easton tends to try to make changes and improvements each year in their youth bat models, and that’s what they did with the Mako youth bat. This time they even made enough improvements that they called their bat a “beast”. Of course, it still has the core features that made Mako such a legend.

TCT Composite Technology

They’ve made notable improvements so that in this 2017 version of the Mako the sweet spot is somehow even bigger. In addition, the drop is now -11, so it’s even lighter and therefore much easier to swing and control


The ConneXion technology remains, and this means players can still enjoy the effective energy transfer to the baseball as well as the reduction of the vibrations to keep the hands from stinging after mishits.

Hyperskin Grip

This is still part of the feature lineup, so players have a soft and comfy grip that still offers a secure hold on the bat.

 Things We Liked 
  • This is even lighter at a -11 drop, so smaller players can use it more effectively.
  • The pop is still amazing.
  • The feel is great, so players feel more confident at the plate.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • This won’t be legal for Little League in 2018.
  • You may not have to wait for 2018 to replace it since it seems extremely fragile and many of these bats tend to crack within a short period of time.
  • Despite the durability issues, it’s still one of the more expensive bats out there.
Easton Mako TORQ – When You Really Want Advanced Technologies

Okay, by now we’re already familiar with the basic Mako features. But then Easton didn’t just rest on its laurels, and with this, they’ve added another revolutionary feature—the TORQ.


This is a groundbreaking new design for the handle, as it comes with a 360-degree rotating technology. Basically, it keeps players from being jammed with inside pitches, and it delays the roll-over so that the batter can also handle off-speed pitches.

Since the bat can stay on the plane even after contact with the baseball, you get maximum power even with outside pitches.

Core Mako Technologies

Once again, you have the superb TCT composite material for a large sweet spot and faster swing speed, the CXN connection technology for energy transfer and reduced vibrations, and the Hyperskin grip for a comfy and secure hold.

 Things We Liked 
  • It retains the core Mako technologies that made the Mako so popular in the first place.
  • The rotating handle really helps players get more of a handle on inside pitches.
  • The pop is still fantastic.
  • There aren’t as many durability issues.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • With more technological advances, the price climbs even higher.
  • The -10 drop isn’t quite light enough for smaller players.
  • It may not be legal to use come 2018.
Easton MAKO XL COMPOSITE – Great for Younger Players

Easton is renowned for its Mako bat, and this is the model they’ve designed specifically for younger players. It’s renowned for its use of several unique technologies for superior performance.

TCT Composite Technology

This composite material offers a superb set of advantages, including a huge sweet spot and a quick swing.


This refers to Easton’s unique “ConneXion” technology and how it connects the handle to the barrel. Somehow, the 2 pieces are isolated from each other so that the energy transfer to the baseball is optimized. In addition, the design minimizes the level of vibration that travels through the barrel to the handle.

Hyperskin Grip

The cushioning around the grip offers a more secure yet comfortable hold. It just feels softer, yet it makes batters feel more confident.

 Things We Liked 
  • Players invariably love the feel of the bat in their hands.
  • The massive sweet spot and 2-piece design minimize the vibrations.
  • The pop is terrific so that it seems you only have to make contact to really let the baseball fly.
  • It’s certified for many youth leagues, including Little League.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • It’s a bit more expensive than average bats.
  • It may not last long either, especially with frequent use. Don’t expect to use it again for the next season.
  • With its -10 drop, some smaller players may feel it’s still too heavy.
Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth Baseball Bat – Best for Smaller Players

Easton has realized that of course with Little League players, you may have some really small batters that need the lightest bat they can get. That’s why they have this -12 bat available, so at 29 inches they only need to swing a weight of 17 ounces. Of course, it’s still a Mako:

TCT Composite Technology

This is the 2016 model, but it still offers a huge sweet spot and a fast swing speed that many other bats can’t match.


The way the 2 pieces of the bat are connected really maximizes the energy transfer to the baseball for a terrific “pop”. At the same time, this “ConneXion” blocks much of the vibrations from reaching the batter’s hands.

Hyperskin Grip

Hyperskin has long been known to offer a superior grip. It offers batters a very secure hold, yet the grip is comfy and soft.

 Things We Liked 
  • It’s really lightweight, so even the smaller kids can use it with enough control.
  • It offers a nice balance too.
  • The feel of the Mako is amazing, and kids just tend to have it in their hands.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • Though it’s a 2016 model and therefore should be available at discounted prices, it’s still very expensive.
  • This price is problematic, since the bat may not be legal anymore for Little League in 2018.
  • Also, there are cracking issues that may mean the bat won’t even last an entire 2017 season.
Easton S500-13 Youth Baseball Bat – A Great Balance between Price and Performance

When it comes to youth bats, smaller kids need lighter bats while parents obviously prefer more affordable models. Both requirements come with the Easton S500. It even comes with a warranty despite the low price.

Aircraft Allow Material

It’s both lightweight and durable for the price, and the balance is very even.

-13 Drop

That means you can go with 29 inches and still have only 16 ounces to swing. This offers a lot of coverage over the plate despite the 2¼-inch barrel, while the control and swing speed are terrific.


Right now, it’s legal to use for Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA 1.15 BPF.

 Things We Liked 
  • The price is obviously attractive.
  • The low weight allows for better control and speed even for smaller players.
  • It’s okay to use in 12-under leagues.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • The material does tend to dent a bit too easily.
  • The grip isn’t Hyperskin.
  • League rules may not allow the use of this bat for 2018.
DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFL -11—For Hitting the Ball Farther

This was launched in 2014, and it’s a testament to how its features still haven’t been made obsolete even 3 years later. This composite bat was the meanest bat of the time, and today it’s still a tough competitor—but now it’s more affordable.

Half and Half

This has an alloy barrel, but the handle is made from the special composite material. This means that the barrel doesn’t need a break-in period, while you get a better handle.


The material for the handle is stiffer for maximum energy transfer from the barrel to the baseball. It also offers a terrific “feel” that so many players appreciate.


The design of the taper somehow enhances the sweet spot, since it really provides a lot of pop. At the same time, this taper also minimizes the vibrations that reach the hands.

 Things We Liked 
  • Because it’s a hybrid and that it’s an old model, the price is fantastically low compared to when it was first launched. Also, the features you get looks great compared to the other bat models in this price range.
  • The grip is especially designed to feel fantastic for players, and this boosts their confidence at the plate.
  • The pop is terrific as it’s really designed to maximize the distance the baseball will travel when it’s hit.
  • It protects the hands from vibrations very well.
  • It’s very durable too.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • It’s still hard to forget that this is a 2014 model.
  • For really small players, the drop may not be enough.
  • It’s so popular that other players may regularly request to borrow it.
DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord (-13) – For Smaller Kids and Bigger Hits

A drop of -10 or -11 may still not be light enough for the smaller kids, and that can be a problem when you don’t have a bunch of giants in your team. Truth to tell, some of the bigger kids don’t mind using really light bats for even greater control. These concerns are all addressed with the 2015 Voodoo Overlord.

-13 drop

Some kids still struggle to control a -11 drop bat, but with this -13 bat they can really get this bat where they want it through the strike zone. Also, with this weight, the swing speed can really go quickly.

Half and Half Hybrid Construction

This uses alloy for the barrel, and that means you don’t need to break it in to get the best performance. It also means that the barrel should last longer. It even comes with a special end cap designed to enlarge the sweet spot.


As for the handle, it’s made of composite material. It’s made to redirect the energy of the swing back to the baseball, while your hands are comfortable and safe from the vibrations. Even the knob was carefully constructed to provide the perfect fit.

 Things We Liked 
  • Again the price is reasonable since this is the 2015 model.
  • That -13 drop is fantastic for smaller and younger players.
  • It’s very durable as well.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • Again, it’s not really for those who want the latest models.
  • For power hitters, this may be just a bit too light.
  • It’s questionable if this will still be legal in 2018.
DeMarini 2015 CF7 -11 (31 Inches)—Great Balanced Bat for Little League

Right now DeMarini is currently offering the CF9, so this model is several generations back. Here you have a fully composite bat, so you’ll need to break it in. However, after that, you’ll need the pop that can translate to lots of extra-base hits. With this 2¼-inch barrel bat, you’ll have a bat that’s ready for Little League play.

Composite Barrel

This offers a lot of pop, and the end cap is even designed to provide a truly balanced feel to the bat for greater control.


Again the composite handle here directs the energy back towards the baseball, and the vibrations are also kept from stinging the hands. The fusion between the two pieces also gives a stiffer feel. Even the knob is specially made for a better fit.

 Things We Liked 
  • The sweet spot is huge.
  • The pop really makes the ball bounce off like from a trampoline.
  • The balance offers greater control.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • For an older bat, it can be a bit expensive.
  • You still need to break this in.
  • It may be too light for power hitters.
DeMarini 2015 CF7 -11 (32 Inches)—For Greater Plate Coverage

This is the same model as the CF7 above, but it’s longer. Why make a separate entry then? It’s because thus longer model may be the bat that bigger players may want to use.

-11 Drop

Sure, this is light. But with 32 inches and 21 ounces, you get the kind of weight that can put a bit more oomph when you make contact. At the same time, the longer bat lets you deal more effectively with outside pitches.

Greater Pop

The composite material, the huge sweet spot, and the handle’s way of redirecting the energy transfer combine to provide a great pop every time you make contact with the baseball.


It feels great in your hand, and the knob lets your hands also fit in comfortably. What’s more, the design minimizes the amount of vibrations that reach your hands when you mishit the ball.

Marucci Black 2: MYBB20 Youth – Top Performance for a Low Price

This is an excellent example of what makes the Marucci such a favorite among everyone. It’s not just because the brand is used by kid’s favorite players. It’s also not just because of its low price, which makes it easy to convince parents to buy it.


The barrel design and seamless construction are all meant to give you a lot more distance every time you make contact with the ball. It really helps that the sweet spot is massive. The hybrid design gives you great performance out of the wrapper due to the alloy barrel.

Easy to Control

This comes with a -11 drop along with a balanced weight distribution that’s more even than ever. This gives you superior bat control so that you can get it to go where you want to.


The handle is made of composite material, and the way the 2-pieces are fused keeps the vibrations to a minimum. What’s more, the grip is even reinforced with Kevlar. If that doesn’t protect your hands from bad vibes, nothing will.

 Things We Liked 
  • It’s legal to use for a lot of youth leagues.
  • It’s very easy to control.
  • Your hands are protected.
  • The price is very low.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • If you buy this thorough a third-party seller, the warranty may not apply.
  • The -11 drop may still be a bit too heavy for really small players.
  • It may not be the best bat for power hitters.
Marucci CU26 Youth Pro Maple Baseball Bat – For the Pro-Bound Power Hitters

Sometimes kids really want to feel like a Major League player, so that means wielding a wood bat. You can’t go wrong with Marucci if that’s the case, since it’s the most popular wood bat in the majors for lots of good reasons. This uses Maple wood, which is a bit heavier than ash.

-5 Drop

This is a bit heavier, so it’s great for bigger kids who can control the weight.


Yes, wood isn’t exactly durable. But with maple, you get more durability than other wood types.

Meticulous Construction

The way it’s made is virtually the same way that the professional bats are made. It comes with a thin handle and a traditional knob, and it’s been handcrafted from especially selected maple. Then it’s been bone-rubbed for maximum wood density.

 Things We Liked 
  • Since this is a Marucci, it’s been designed with input from true professionals such as Chase Utley.
  • It really feels like you’re a pro when you’re handling this.
  • It’s for those who really want to take the game seriously, as you can get a good performance from this only if you perfect your mechanics.
  • It’s more durable than other wood bats.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • It’s still wood, so it’s more likely to break than metal bats. That’s why the warranty is only for 30 days.
  • You also can’t expect to have the same pop as the metal bats.
  • Expect to get your hands stung if you mishit the ball.
Louisville Slugger YBCT152 Youth 2015 Catalyst (-12)—Huge Pop for Low Price

Here’s a composite bat that illustrates how the brand has kept up with the times to maintain its lofty status.

-12 Drop

This is ideal for those who struggle with even -10 drops, as you get the length plus a really light swing weight for greater control. At the same time, it’s also great for those who think the -13 drop is a little bit too light.


This needs to be broken in, but then afterward don’t be surprised by how much farther the ball will travel when it’s hit with this bat. Lots of kids get more home runs after switching to this Catalyst model.


Parents will also love just how affordable this bat is. That’s because it’s a 2015 model, so discounts abound.

 Things We Liked 
  • The price is terrific, considering the brand name and performance.
  • The ball really goes a long way farther when you hit it.
  • It doesn’t really need a lot of break-ins.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • This has a well-defined shelf life, as it may not be legal for 2018.
  • For bigger kids, it may feel too light.
  • The handle feels a bit unconventional, so it takes a while to get used to.
Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor – for Balance and Durability

This is another -12 bat, but this time it’s made of aluminum alloy. Once again the price is terrifically low, yet the performance outpaces what you get from other “cheap” models.


The weight distribution is very even, so it’s much easier to control. The -12 drop also makes it very lightweight, so it’s not too unwieldy for smaller kids.

Out of Wrapper Performance

Once you get it, it’s ready to be used for a game. There’s no need for any break-in period at all.


The aluminum alloy used for this bat is about 33% stronger than the usual alloy used for entry-grade bats. This makes it stronger and longer-lasting.

 Things We Liked 
  • You can use it immediately.
  • The control you have lets you make contact more often.
  • You can use this for an entire season.
  • It doesn’t hurt your hands from the vibration.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • It doesn’t look impressive.
  • Again, it’s not for larger power hitters as it’s too light.
  • Don’t expect to hit a lot of home runs with this as then pop isn’t very impressive.
Combat B4YB -10 – A Bat Full of Innovative Features

Here’s one bat that illustrates just how unique this brand can be in its innovation.

Maximum Performance

This bat adheres to the Maximum Performance mandate, meaning it provides you just about the best type of performance you can possibly get even while it fully complies with the guidelines of Little League and other youth leagues.

It uses fibers found in bulletproof vests, mixed with fiberglass and carbon. The result is greater energy transfer with an enhanced trampoline effect. The sweet spot is larger, and the durability you want remains.

Greater Comfort

The stiffness level along the handle varies, so that it reduces the sting you feel after a mishit. It just feels a lot softer when you grip it.

 Things We Liked 
  • Right now it’s still in compliance with the guidelines laid out by youth leagues.
  • It really offers a lot of pop.
  • Your hands are protected from the vibrations.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • This may not be all that legal for 2018.
  • The look isn’t as colorful as kids would like.
  • As it’s composite, you do need to break it in first.
Combat Youth Maxum YB -10

This is a puzzling bat from Combat but in a good way. That’s because it incorporates advanced features like the Precision Molding Technology, and it even offers the lightest swing weight among all the -10 bats out there. Yet it’s a good deal more affordable than the B4YB.

Excellent Design

It offers a truly massive sweet spot, and at the same time, it’s the Combat bat with the lightest swing weight ever. This swing weight is a full ounce lighter than the next lighter model.

Precision Molding Technology

The way it’s made enables it to guarantee excellent consistency in the balance of the bat, so that there’s no weak point or seam that can make it vulnerable to damage.

 Things We Liked 
  • This price is quite reasonable.
  • This is the bat you get when you really want a lighter swing weight.
  • It can also last a good long while as well.
 Things We Didn’t Like 
  • It can be a bit punishing for the hands because of the vibrations.
  • The pop isn’t really great compared to other models.
  • By 2018, you need to check if you can still use this for your league.

Wrapping On Our Youth Baseball Bat Reviews 2023

Though it is a gamble, you can increase the chance of getting the right bat for your young player. All you need to do is to limit your options with our selected bat models. All these bats have been chosen for their performance and price. These are the best youth baseball bats that are most likely feel great with your kids when they take a swing at the plate.

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