Best Baseball Radar Guns 2024 – Most Accurate

Due to the hyped marketing gimmicks from various brands on the market, it’s quite challenging to decide on the best baseball radar gun.

Right or wrong?

We bet you also believe it’s an entirely overwhelming and daunting task to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Being said that, we are telling you not to be troubled because we have done all the legwork for you and prepared this guide on 5 top baseball radar gun reviews for you.

Not to mention, we have left no stone unturned to find out all the upsides and downsides of each of the speed gun.

Later, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and a comprehensive buying guide too.

So, hold on to your horses, and let’s get to the business. Shall we?

 Editor’s Choice 

Pocket Radar Baseball Radar Gun

Don’t have time to read further? Then go for this radar gun. This one is so accurate, versatile, and compact radar gun for my likings. It has two models – the smart coach model, and the ball coach. The smart coach version allows you to coach remotely. You can use both models hands-free too.

 Best Baseball Speed / Radar Guns Model Comparison 2024 

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 Editor Choice 

Pocket Radar Ball Coach
+/- 1.0 MPH25- 130 MPH120 Feet
Stalker Sport 2 Radar+/- 1.0 MPH5- 150 MPH300 Feet
Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun+/- 1.0 MPH10- 110 MPH90 feet
Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar+/- 1.0 MPH20- 200 MPH
Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun +/- 1 MPH10- 200 MPH

 Most Accurate Radar Gun for Baseball 2024 

1. Pocket Radar Baseball Radar Gun


  • Easy to operate.
  • Accurate enough (+/- 1 mph)to provide the exact result almost all the time.
  • It’s versatile. That means it is capable of reading the speed from both behind the ball and in front of the ball.
  • This one is a compact radar gun. As expected, it easily fits in your baseball bag.
  • It offers enough reach (120 ft) for youth, high-school or college sports.
  • This radar gun offers a speed range of 25-130 mph. As it can read 25 mph speed, so, it becomes a handy gun to read the speed of any young kids throwing the ball.
  • The smart coach model of this gun is a perfect option for remote coaching as you have the facility to share the videos using their app. You can also export the data to CSV format, and hear the audio speed callouts too.
  • Easy to read display with larger fonts.
  • You can use it hands-free.
  • It turns off automatically after 5 minutes of no speed reading in continuous mode and after 30 seconds in manual mode. So it helps to save the battery life.
  • It offers an unbeatable price.


  • The battery life could have been longer. It won’t last a full baseball game on continuous mode. However, you can easily skip the constant mode and use several other methods to save battery life (More on this later).

Pocket Radar baseball radar gun is the best baseball radar gun for the money on my list.

You have two different models for this product; ball coach, and smart coach.

Both models share the same accuracy, speed range (25-130 mph), and measurement range (120 ft).

Being said that, the smart coach model offers some cool features that the ball coach doesn’t provide.

You can connect the smart coach model to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth and use their apps to do some new things. They made the app for both Android and iOS.

Both models offer smooth manual operation using a button. They also provide hands-free and continuous mode.

However, only the smart coach model lets you use remote control facilities.

As we said, to save the battery life and help it to last for a whole game, you can take a couple of steps.

For instance, you can turn off the continuous mode and use manual mode. Meaning, you just hold down the button only when you need to read the speed.

Or you can use your tab or smartphone to control the recording using the app released by the same company.

If you don’t want to turn off the continuous mode, then you can easily use an additional USB power pack.

We recommend you to use rechargeable AAA batteries with this speed reader.


We must say this one is the best bang for your bucks.

We were amazed by its accuracy, versatility, portability, cool features provided by the app, and, more importantly, the price.

If you don’t want to spend too much money and don’t want to compromise the quality either, go for this one.

Remember, the ball coach model doesn’t offer smart features like the smart coach model.

2. Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun


  • Reliable, and provides consistent, accurate results (+/- 1 mph).
  • It’s easy to set up and operate.
  • Strong and sturdy built.
  • It provides substantially long distance (300 ft) coverage than other guns on my list.
  • This one offers a speed range from 5-150 mph. So, like the other guns, this one is also a handy gun to track the velocity of the younger players.
  • It is equipped with multiple buttons to perform different operations properly.
  • It comes with a useful user manual.
  • This radar gun is capable of capturing true release speed, and over-the-plate speed simultaneously.


  • The price of this radar gun is a bit on the higher side. Therefore, it might turn into a tad overkilling for a young amateur or small team.
  • The battery compartment cap could have been better in quality.

Stalker radar is one of the leading and well-accepted brands in this industry.

They make high-quality radar guns, and this very model is not any exception.

This is an ideal gun for both pro and amateur players, we must say.

If you are serious about baseball, then we recommend you to go for this gun as it gives accurate results and offers three times the range of other models on my list.

Here you will get a recall button to recall the last five pitches. So, you can say this one is an excellent gun for measuring and tracking pitch speed.

Stalker Sport 2 is a lightweight gun and comfortable one to hold and operate. On top of that, if you want to go completely hands-free, it’s tripod mountable too.


As a whole, this one is a high-quality radar gun from the famous Stalker brand. It’s a perfect one for MLB teams.

As we said, the price might seem a bit high if you want to use it as a junior team coach. But it’s worth the money if you are coaching a senior team.

3. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun


  • Simple to operate.
  • Easy to read the numbers from inside a large LCD.
  • Lightweight and feels comfortable in hand.
  • This radar gun is quite inexpensive.
  • It offers a satisfactory level of accuracy for speed reading(+/- 1 mph).
  • It works well at night too.
  • It can track from 10 to 110 mph up to 90 ft distance. As it can monitor 10 mph speed, so you can use this gun for tracking any level of baseball player.


  • The battery holding clip could have been better in terms of quality.
  • It doesn’t offer an automatic reading feature like the other radar gun on my list. You have to operate the gun manually all the time to get the reading.

If you are looking for an elementary kind of speed gun, then we recommend this Bushnell velocity speed gun for you.

It doesn’t do anything fancy. Reading the velocity is its only concern.

The procedure to use this Bushnell velocity speed gun is a cakewalk. Lining with the object and pulling the trigger to get the speed reading are the two simple steps to get things done.

Like some other speed guns, you can use this one for reading different vehicle speeds. It’s also applicable for tracking ball speed of different other sports like tennis, softball, etc.

You have to stand behind the pitcher to read the speed. It doesn’t work from in-front of the ball.

This radar gun requires 2 C batteries to operate.


We recommend buying this radar gun only if you are on a super tight budget.

It’s a quality product and super easy to use.

But as we said, it’s a pretty basic one. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent tool for a small team coach.

4. Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar


  • It has a metal stand. So, you don’t always have to hold the device to read the speed. You can hang it with the net while checking the swing speed.
  • It’s compact, lightweight, and super easy to carry along and place wherever you want within the range.
  • Straightforward operation procedure.
  • Bright display to read the numbers correctly, and it is entirely accurate (+/- 1 mph).
  • It provides instant feedback like other guns on my list.
  • This tool comes with a carrying bag and a user manual.
  • This one is a perfect swing speed radar for both players and coaches.
  • It doesn’t turn off automatically. So you can use it continuously and check your swing speed hassle-free.
  • Not too expensive.


  • It doesn’t cover a longer distance. So, you must have to place it within 8-10″ range of the batting cage.
  • The price is not too high. However, it could have been better for sure.
  • The buttons are a little hard to press.

This one is a perfect swing speed radar that implements a small microwave Doppler radar sensor to measure the swing speed.

That means it reads the swing speed instead of reading the ball velocity.

For baseball velocity tracking, it covers 90ft distance, and it calculates the swing speed within 20-200 mph range. That means it covers quite an excellent range to track the swing speed of both junior and senior players.

Remember, this device doesn’t turn off automatically. You have to press the ready button for both turning on and off to run this device.

Another point you should keep in mind. Since this swing speed radar is for both golf and baseball, don’t forget to press the baseball sign on the left, above the ready button to bring it on baseball mode.

It requires 3 AA batteries to operate this device.


This one is a popular tool amongst the baseball and golf players. It doesn’t cost too much, either.

If you are searching for a good swing speed radar that you can place and carry easily, go for this one.

5. Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun


  • Simple to operate.
  • Clicking the trigger once will turn on the continuous mode.
  • It offers a 10-200 mph speed range. That makes it usable for various purposes.
  • This radar gun offers a comfortable grip with its quality textured pistol grip.
  • The LCD is quite large and clear to see the numbers correctly.
  • It’s quite inexpensive, we would say.
  • It gives pretty accurate results (+/- 1 mph) instantly.
  • You require 2 C batteries, and they come with the package.


  • You have to stand dead straight in-front or behind the pitcher to get an accurate reading.

Bushnell Speedster III radar gun is pretty simple to use. You will find a trigger to track the speed and a button to set the mode (mph/kph).

It ranges 90 ft distance reading to the ball. Covering 90 ft is good, but we expect more coverage at this price range.

You can use this gun hands-free by mounting on a tripod.


Overall, this one is not the best one but a fair one if you have a tight budget.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baseball Radar Gun – Buying Guide


Distance is one of the most important parameters, we believe that you should consider.

First, decide where you want to stand with that gun in most of the cases. Then watch out the distance coverage that a particular radar gun is offering.

You shouldn’t expect an accurate result or any result at all from 120 ft distance if that gun is made to cover 90ft.


There is no point in buying a speed radar gun that doesn’t read the speed accurately.

Almost every high-quality radar gun is well-capable of reading the speed accurately, and they might vary +/- 1 mph.

Typically the good ones that cost more tend to provide a more accurate reading.

Speed Range

Speed range is another crucial factor you should consider while buying a speed radar.

If you are going to coach a kid, the speed gun should be able to read at least 20 mph speed. That means the lower value of the speed range of that particular speed gun should be at least 20 mph. The less, the better.

Size and Portability

While every radar is small in size, at the same time, each of them doesn’t offer the same portability.

Yes, all of them are somewhat portable, but you can’t carry every model in your pocket.

A speed radar-like Pocket radar is compact enough to carry in your pocket, whereas you can’t keep a radar-like Stalker sport 2 in your pocket.

Nevertheless, the size or portability doesn’t have anything to do with the performance and accuracy of the speed radar.

Hands-free or Not?

Your speed gun should offer you a tripod mounting option to use it hands-free.

Yes, in most cases, you might want to hold it and operate it. But sometimes you will want to keep it mounted on a tripod to use it hands-free.


The price of the speed radar gun varies. We are sure you won’t want to pour your money down the drain.

Sometimes you don’t need to go for too pricey one for your junior team. In that case, you will want to buy the one that doesn’t compromise quality and accuracy, at the same time, doesn’t break your bank.


It’s not that important to know which type of battery your speed radar is going to use because all kinds of cells are readily available on the market.

However, if you go for rechargeable batteries, then it’s better.

You should be aware of the battery life too. Any high-quality speed radar offers a good battery life.

Best handheld radar gun for baseball

A handheld radar gun is a tool used by baseball umpires to determine if a batter has been struck by a pitched ball. A well-trained umpire can accurately determine the velocity of the pitch, its location and its direction of travel in approximately 0.1 second.

We have listed the top handheld radar guns for baseball. So that you can enjoy a more enjoyable game this season. Check out our product reviews to find the best handheld radar gun for baseball.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does a speed radar gun measure pitching speed?

We don’t want to go into very technical details for this answer.

In layman’s term, the radar gun sends a signal with some energy using its antenna. Once some part of the energy bounces back from the ball, the antenna of the gun receives it.

The gun then calculates the difference and shows the speed based on its calculations and measurements.

2. Are radar guns accurately measure pitching speed?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, if the radar gun is a high-quality one.

No, if it’s a low-quality gun.

Look, we are not saying every inexpensive gun is a low-quality option. Similarly, not every expensive option confirms quality.

However, don’t forget it’s always what you get is what you pay for.

Above, we reviewed some of the best bets for the money. All of them are pretty accurate (+/- 1 mph).

3. What is the accurate distance to measure pitching speed with a speed radar gun?

It depends from gun to gun. Every gun has its own distance limit. Some offer 90ft coverage, and a gun like Stalker Sport 2 offers 300ft coverage.

In most of the cases, the ones that fall on the higher side in terms of price offers more extended coverage.

4. Are radar guns used in MLB?

Yes, of course. The radar gun is a handy tool to measure the pitching speed, swing speed, etc. In other words, it’s an excellent tool to improve anyone’s performance.

This only doesn’t apply to MLB. Some other ball games like tennis, softball, volleyball also use a radar gun to track speed.

5. Can I use a baseball speed radar gun for tennis, softball, and other sports?

Yes, you can. The same velocity speed gun can be used for softball and other sports where you need to measure the speed.

Not only sports, but you can also measure the speed of any vehicle with almost all the speed guns. However, you will see some swing speed radar that only measures the swing of the bat. It won’t work for every sport.

6. When did baseball start using radar guns?

It was introduced in baseball for the first time back in 1960.

7. What do Parents and Baseball Coaches think about Pocket Radar and its service?

Well, Pocket Radar is pretty famous among the coaches and parents of the fresh young players.

It’s super compact, portable, and offer a lot of features to track the speed performance of a player. It’s versatile and effortless to use.

Look, if you are a coach, then you have to make your players believe about their performance, right?

Using a speed radar like the Pocket radar makes your life a lot easier in this regard. You can show their speed visually, and they are bound to believe that.

This is precisely the coaches and parents believe.

8. What is the best place to put the radar gun to measure speed accurately?

For some radar guns, you need to place dead straight to the pitcher or bat. On the other hand, some guns allow you to keep it angled.

Some gun works only from the back of the ball, some works from in front of the ball too.

During the product review, we mentioned all these against the specific guns.

Final Words

Let’s recap.

In this best baseball radar gun reviews guide, we’ve reviewed 5 top quality baseball speed guns that excel in quality but don’t cost an arm and a leg.

So what is the best radar gun for baseball?

If you want to have an extended-distance gun, then go for the Stalker Sport 2 Radar gun as it offers 300ft coverage.

But if 120ft is well enough for you, then the Pocket radar is the best bet for sure.

Now it’s your turn.

Share the love, and please comment below if you want to ask anything.

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